The Most Amazing Lakes

grand prismatic

Top 10 Lakes Laguna Colorada, Bolivia Among all the different hued lakes and lagoons of Bolivia one of the most astonishing is the Laguna Colorada which gets its rich reddish-pink hue from the sediments and algae thriving in it. The lake is really shallow with occasional white islands composed of salt, giving an extraordinary sight to visitors.  Grand Prismatic Spring, ... Read More »

World’s Largest Machines

Caterpillar 797F

Top 10 Biggest Machines From mines through tunnels to CERN, we searched for the most impressive machines of the world. 10. Bagger 288   The Bagger 288, with impressive specifications of 220 meters (721 ft) in length, 96 meters (315 ft) tall, weighing a whopping 13,500 tons, was an excavator entering service back in 1978 by the German company Krupp. ... Read More »

Biggest Parks

King's Park

Top 10 Biggest Parks of the World The world’s most amazing parks have been planned in such a path, to the point that the inhabitants and the vacationers might feel loose by going by these parks. The trees are planted in the parks in a settled proportion, with the goal that they may help in expanding the oxygen levels buzzing ... Read More »

Most Spoken Languages

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages of the World

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages of the World Language is the technique for human communication and is an indispensable a part of culture and social order. Language assumes an expansive part in society, with people utilizing it to impart, as well as to relate to a specific social aggregation. It can shift crosswise over districts, class, religious or ethnic aggregations, training levels and ... Read More »

Biggest Temples

Temple of Christ the Saviour

Top 10 Biggest Temples Before going to the size and capacity of any temple, one should know what temple is? We can roughly define that a temple is a place of worship or religious activities. It is to be noted that not every religion use the word temple for their worship place for example western Christian use Church instead of ... Read More »

Romantic Movies

Safe Haven

TOP 10 ROMANTIC MOVIES 2013 The Hollywood cinema is alive because of its movies particularly the romantic ones. This category will always keep you glued in front of the television. Here is a list of 2013’s top ten romantic movies. 10. Can A Song Save Your Life? Another romantic movie title that is a question basically is “Can A Song Save ... Read More »

Richest Actresses


TOP 10 RICHEST ACTRESSES 2013 For all those people staring at magazines with envy, wondering how these actresses stay fit and perfect always. The fashion industry is the answer where money fame plays it all. When one reaches the level of recognition, lavish life starts to surround you. But this glamorous life has the darkness hidden. Hollywood’s beauty queens have fans all over. ... Read More »

Biggest Muslim Countries


Top 10 Biggest Muslim Countries Islam is the world’s second biggest religion after Christianity. Islam is the transcendent religion in the Middle East, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, and a few parts of Asia. Around 62% of the world’s Muslims live in South and Southeast Asia, with in excess of 1 billion disciples. 10. Morocco, Africa Islam is the biggest ... Read More »

Biggest States of USA


Top 10 Biggest States of USA United States is the world’s third biggest nation by territory. Here is a list of the top 10 largest states of the US and this list doesn’t surprises us at all. 10. Wyoming Area: 253,348 km² Wyoming is a state in the mountain area of the Western United States. Wyoming is the tenth most broad, however the ... Read More »

Most Beautiful Countries in Europe


Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe The famous saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ fits perfectly on the sub-continent Europe. Europe is one quarter of the Asia and one third of the Africa but it has the most beautiful and worth visiting countries. If you are planning to visit Europe or you have dreamt to go there, some destinations are bound to come in mind. ... Read More »

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