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Top 10 Hottest Men

 Top 10 Hottest Men

Hello Ladies!!! we all know how much women desire good-looking men, and if you are reading this then it definitely means you are interested in knowing the top 10 hottest men of this year.


Zac Efron

The tenth on our list is Zac Efron we are not certain that you have seen his film but we are sure that you simply can’t walk by a newsstand with the picture of Zac Efron, you will see this teen hottie in many teen magazines, and recently his face has also emerged on magazines like the Rolling Stone and GQ.  He is well known for his roles in the High School musical films, “Hairspray” and “17 Again”. We still ain’t sure whether the guy is the next Leonardo DiCaprio or the upcoming Freddie Prince Jr. Either ways the young teen is still a hottie and surely deserves his place in this list.


Hugh Jackman - Hottest Men

What’s with men from Australia? We certainly don’t know but whatever it is this handsome sexy guy is number nine on our list. Jackman has seen to join the list of the Australian heartthrob’s like Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe and lat Heath Ledger.  It doesn’t matters whether he is strip-chested and baring claws as Wolverine, or he is fight Count Dracula in “Van Helsing” Jackman is surely the one who makes women weak in their knees.



On number eight of our list is the mysterious, funny and sexy captain Jack Sparrow from the trilogy “Pirates of the Carribean”. Depp can do pretty much anything as he is a multitalented actor. Since his split with his former wife Vanessa Paradis, Depp has been in relation with the 27 year old beauty Amber Heard. Depp is scandalously private so nobody really knows what’s going on.



Sorry ladies but Tom is not single as he proposed to his girlfriend Charlotte Riley in 2010 and is living a happy and successful relation with her. Tom has all the prime things in him that are required for being an international sex icon. Tom with his good looks and British accent has definitely made his place in this list.  He has starred in blockbusters like “Inception”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “This Means War” and many others.



On the fifth is our sexy-sensitive vampire Robert Pattinson, he is surely dream guy of every girl. Robert Pattinson got his first break in the super hit  Harry Potter series where he was casted as Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” as well as “Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix”. But there we couldn’t analyze the talent and the looks of this young man. But since he was casted in “Twilight” as the sensitive alluring vampire Edward Cullen things changed a lot. Since the release of Twilight Pattinson face is in the spotlight and he quickly took place in the hearts of girls all over the world. The British star is without doubt the youngest hottest star in Hollywood.



On the fifth number of this list is the handsome Gyllenhaal, he is perhaps the most multitalented sex symbols in Hollywood. Gyllenhaal has got those killer looks thorough which he has made his place in this list. We have seen him allure Jennifer Aniston in the move “The Good Girl”; we have also seen him with his six-packs beating entire armies in the super hit “Prince of Persia” in 2010. His only one of its kind mixture of gentleness, charm and strong masculinity has hooked him with Hollywood’s sexiest leading women like both Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst with whom he has been in long-term relations. According to rumors Gyllenhaal was heard to be in relation with the young pop star Taylor Swift. Women around the world want to know whether he will find love or not and they sure pray that he doesn’t unless it’s with them.



On the fourth of our list is the handsome Cooper, and Cooper sure has got the looks to land himself in the fourth position of this list. Cooper is very clear about what makes a woman attractive. He is a believer in sincere relation one that has chemistry and his dating ideas are those which are memorable. Cooper has also been involved in many relations with women of high caliber like Jamie king his fellow star in “Kitchen Confidential”, but strangely he ended up marrying Jennifer Esposito. Cooper even dated Renee Zellweger for 2 years, in March they broke up and since then Cooper has been romantically involved with Olivia Wilde. Pretty busy he is in his relations.

Top 10 Hottest Men



On the third of our list is Ryan Reynolds and we, without any doubts claim that he is among the best-looking men. The handsome star broke hearts of several women around the globe and at the same time gained jealousy of the male population when he tied matrimonial knot with the stunning beauty actress Scarlett Johansson in 2008 though the couple later in 2010 got divorced.  Apart from the good looks the star is also admired because of his good-heart which is very rare to find in the prickly show business.



Gosling made second on this list as we think he is a heart-throb of every lady. Gosling with his spectacular looks is sure like a magnet for women and can attract women with high caliber. His recent girlfriend is Eva Mendes. The guy has got everything to be on the second number of this list. Gosling is without any doubt recognized for his best-known work with co-star Rachel McAdams in the blockbuster “The Notebook”.  Since this movie he has been picking his roles wisely and keenly like the action thriller “Drive” and political thriller “The Ides of March”.


david-beckham - Top 10 Hottest Men

Beckham has been voted as the “Sexiest man Alive”, are you surprised? Well, we are not. The guy has simply everything that makes him perfect. Beckham is not only a successful football player but is also a good-looking model. Beckham has fan-following all over the world particularly because of football. Throughout his soccer career Beckham has achieved more than any of his fellow players could dream of. He has won six premier league titles, two FA cups, and a champion’s leagues crown with the Manchester United. And there is certainly no doubt in this that he is also member of English Football Hall of Fame.


Top 10 Hottest Men


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