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How to Open Blocked Websites

How to Open Blocked Websites

This post will tell you how to open blocked websites such as youtube, etc. in an easy way.

There are number of websites that have been blocked in some countries due to some restrictions, copyright restrictions or due to religious or political interventions.

There are 2 methods which tell you how to open blocked websites. You can choose what is suitable for you.

1st Method – How to open blocked websites:

The first method is really simple and easy. Using this method, you can easily access blocked websites without any problem.

There are number of websites that offer opening blocked websites online inside the browser.

Here is the list of websites from where you can open blocked websites for free.


2nd Method – How to open blocked websites:

how to open blocked websitesThis 2nd method is little complicated but this method will unblock all the blocked or restricted websites for the lifetime.

This method uses the software that takes over the proxy and creates a VPN – Virtual Private Network.

It takes IP address from some other country that makes it possible to open any blocked or restricted website in your country.

The name of the software is Hotspot Shield.

This software is free for lifetime. You can use it all you want.


Pros & Cons of both methods:

1st method :

  • Easy and less time consuming
  • Doesn’t interrupt with your PC or Network
  • Some sites don’t support video streaming.

2nd Method:

  • Needs installation
  • One time installation
  • One Click activation/deactivation
  • Good Streaming
  • Security threats

Hotspot shield has too many ads. If you use Google Chrome browser, you can remove these ads by installing an add-on named, adfree.

By installing this add-on, you would not see any ads in your browser. You will be able to play videos without any distraction.

how to open blocked websites


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