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Top 10 Biggest Animals

Top 10 biggest animals on earth

Our planet is not only the mother of extraordinary-humans but of extraordinary animals also. There have been super enormous animals in the prehistory some of which are still alive. Here is the list of ten biggest animals on the earth.

10. African Elephant

African Elephant

African Elephant is known to be the largest animal of the land today. It is also among the cleanest animals that enjoys showers from the trunk. It can be 13 feet tall and can weigh more than 14,000 pounds. It is also listed among today’s endangered species.

9. Megalodon Shark

megalodon shark

Waters are mysterious. They are and have been the home for many amazing creatures sized from microscopic to enormous. Also known as Carcharocles megalodo, Megalodon was a fish big. Megalodon was big enough to have easily crushed a rhinoceros with its enormous jaws and swallow. It was 52 feet long shark. Palaeontologists say that it used to lurk in the waters about 1.5 million years ago. But without any evidence some people believe it can still be found in the deepest waters on the planet.

8. Giant Sea Scorpion

Giant Sea Scorpion

Bugs are the tiniest animals known to man. But this won’t be true in the pedigree of bugs. Also known as Jaekelopterus rhenaniae, Giant Sea Scorpion was 8 feet tall bug. This is the newly discovered creature. Palaeontologists say that it lived 400 million years ago. This is thought that today’s land scorpion must be the descendent of this massive bug. It is also believed that Giant Sea Scorpion was the result of the evolutionary arms race with armoured fish.

7. Giant short-faced bear

Giant short-faced bear

Also known as Arctodus, giant short-faced bear weighed 3,500 pounds and was 11 feet tall. While currently the biggest bear of the planet is the polar bear. This creature is said to have lived in the South-American part of the world. It wandered about 500,000 to 2 million years ago. Palaeontologists found the skeleton of this man-eater in Argentina, in 1935. National Graphic featured it as the most powerful man-eater.

6. Argentavis


Argentavis magnificens was a huge bird. It was 27 feet long. When stretched, its wings measured to be 21 feet long with sharp feathers each equal to a samurai sword. Palaeontologists say that it had roamed the earth about 600 million years ago. Today’s eagle seems to be the descendant of this giant bird. Argentavis looked like an eagle with a shaved head and huge in size. It was like the glider of the wind. It soared into the wind and could fly at the speed of 150 mph. Scientists are still unaware of the technique by which it could land and take off.

5. SuperCroc


SuperCroc was a 40 feet long crocodile. It is also known as Sarcosuchus Imperator which means flesh-crocodile emperor. It had lived on the earth about 112 million years ago. It used to live in Africa, and survived well enough to have weight of 17,500 pounds i.e. 8.75 tons. In a 6-feet jaw it had 100 sharp and dense teeth each of 6 inches long. Making this monstrous predator enough powerful to make dinosaurs its appetite. It was also the sinister of the sea, used to feed on fish by disguising on the river bank.

4. Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python

Snakes are the scary creatures for many people. But for some they are enough loveable to become their pets.  Reticulated Python also known as the Python Reticulatis is a huge snake. The recorded length for Python Reticulated is 33 feet, making it the longest snake of the present time.  It is non-venomous. Like other wild creatures, it can be tamed under human supervision. People usually keep it as a pet. But it should not be trusted enough to consider harmless as it belongs to an unpredictable and attacking pedigree. It can kill the victim by powerful strangulation. It was found in South-eastern part of Asia. However the largest snake of the prehistory was the Titanoboa Snake. It was 42 feet long and weighed more than a ton. It used to roam the earth about 60 million years ago.

3. Blue Whale

Blue Whale

Blue whale is considered as the biggest creature of our time. The biggest whale was recorded to be 100 feet long and weighed 120 tons. Blue whale is enough big that about 50 adult humans can stand and make a row on its tongue. Even a baby blue whale is big enough to survive well. It cannot be eaten easily by any other larger creature. It is almost 25 feet long at the time of birth. It feeds on 100 gallons of its mother’s milk daily. Since the middle of 1960s, blue whales have become endangered species due to excessive hunting. Today only 10,000 blue whales are known to be alive.

Spinosaurus – 2nd Biggest Animal On Earth Ever


It seems like dinosaurs have had a versatile family tree. Spinosaurus was the biggest meat-eater known to have lived on the earth. It weighed almost 10 tons. It used to live by hunting on fish and smaller dinosaurs. It was approximately 60 feet long. In 1912, palaeontologists discovered the remains of this creature in the land where Africa is located on the world-map now. Spinosaurus is the only dinosaur known to have the longest head in the history which measured to be 6 feet long.

Argentinosaurus – The Biggest Animal On Earth Ever


Our planet did not only feed the biggest meat-eater but it is the mother of biggest plant-eater also. Argentinosaurus was the biggest plant-eater ever lived on the earth. It was 120 feet long and weighed about 100 tons. The estimation is that three long buses are equal to the length of Argentinosaurus. It is compared to the size of a six-storeyed skyscraper having height of 70 feet. In 1988, this herbivore was found fossilized in Argentina. Palaeontologists say that like other dinosaurs, it had a long tail and a long neck but a relatively small head. Biologists say that until adolescence, this creature was able to reach enormousness because of colossal consumption of plants and high rate of metabolism.


Top 10 Biggest Animals on Earth

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